fasterblaster3The FasterBlaster is the only Portable Shot Blast Machine that cleans all Pipe, Plate, Structural Steel, Tank Walls, Tank Roofs, Tank Floors, Dome Roofs, Wind Towers, Concrete walls, and Concrete Floors.

Small Pipe Blast Cleaning
The FasterBlaster is supported from a portable structure with chain falls and trolleys which allow the machine to be quickly aligned to the pipe. The structure, chain falls and trolleys are not required if a fork lift is used to support and position the FasterBlaster.
Small Pipe Blast Cleaning

For small pipe, 1” to 6”, a seal housing is attached to the blast unit.

portable-shot-blast-cleaning-small-pipe-rollersPortable drive stands provide variable speed rotation and forward movement of the pipe.

The solid rubber tires are easily adjusted to support pipe from 1” to 48” diameter.

Large Pipe Blast Cleaning
Large pipe, 8” and larger, are cleaned using a standard seal arrangement that easily snaps on to the FasterBlaster machine.

Large Pipe Cleaning

Large Pipe Cleaning

The FasterBlaster is adjusted to the center line of the pipe by the chain fall and trolley arrangement. This support system can be eliminated by using a fork lift to support the machine.
Larger Pipe Blast Cleaning
Larger Pipe, up to 48”, are cleaned using the support structure, chain fall and trolley system. The support system can be eliminated by use of a fork lift to support the machine

Larger Pipe Blast Cleaning

Larger Pipe Blast Cleaning

Cleaning speeds can be doubled by adding another FasterBlaster, trolley and chain fall system on the opposite side of the pipe.

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